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Change-out Welding Equipment 50% Faster with Reduced Arc Flash Hazard

Workers risk exposure to arc flash when disconnecting standard welding plugs and receptacles. To prevent accidents install UL/CSA switch-rated welder plugs and receptacles from MELTRIC. They are a combination plug, receptacle and disconnect switch in one device. MELTRIC’s receptacles/connectors feature a built-in switching function that ensures the contacts are safely deenergized before the welding machine plug can be withdrawn. Arc flash safety is ensured.

Switch-Rated Welding Plugs & Receptacles

Disconnect switch rated plug and receptacle

√ Switch ratings ensure safe load breaking/making – even in overload situations.

They are switch-rated up to 200A, and provide short circuit make-and-withstand protection up to 100kA.
meltric NFPA 70E compliant Shutter

√ Dead front design prevents exposure to live parts and arc flash hazards.

Eliminate the need for arc flash protection boundaries and cumbersome PPE. Switch-rated plugs and receptacles protect workers and simplify NFPA 70E compliance.

√ Separation of the plug & receptacle provides verification of deenergization.

Voltage testing is not required. Visible contact separation proves the power is off.
MELTRIC 5 hp motor plug

√ Plug & play simplicity allows any qualified worker to quickly connect and disconnect     welding equipment.

Specially trained maintenance technicians are notrequired for load making/breaking. Reduce downtime by up to 50% when changing out welding equipment.

√ Lockout provisions facilitate easy compliance with lockout/tagout requirements.

lockout plugs and receptacles for NFPA 70E compliance
Only a lock and tag are needed. No additional mechanisms are required. (Provisions are standard on the plug and optional on the receptacle.)

√ NEC, UL & CSA Compliance

In addition to their electrical plug & receptacle listings, MELTRIC Switch-Rated plugs & receptacles are UL and CSA switch rated and are approved NEC "line of sight" disconnect switches for both resistive and inductive loads.