MELTRIC DSN Series Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles offer Type 4X watertightness as soon as the plug is latched to the receptacle or the receptacle lid is closed. They provide an enhanced degree of protection against windblown dust or rain, splashing water and hose-directed water. (DS Series devices are Type 4X if ordered with the 4X option.)

Best Practices in Washdown Environments

Installation Best Practices – Installing a DSN/DS for Maximum Watertightness

Since MELTRIC devices are used in a wide variety of applications and environments, they possess different mounting options made capable by their modular design. But for washdown environments, they should be installed in a manner that will prevent water from entering the device during a washdown event. Here are some guidelines for installing a MELTRIC device in washdown environments:

inline decontactor with cord grips

  • Mounting Orientation: Preferably install the receptacle so it is pointing down and the plug is pointing up. This will ensure water flows over the device during washdowns.
  • Threaded Handle Accessory: A threaded poly handle (PH) is preferred over the commonly used Nylon Handle because the threaded handle enables a better watertight seal when a mating cord grip is properly installed.
  • Sealer Tape on Cord Grip: Poly/threaded handles that allow third party cord grips must be sealed to keep water out. Always use sealer tape on the NPT fittings of the handle.

Ordering Best Practices – Choose the Best Accessories for Watertightness

  • Threaded Handles + Cord Grips: For maximum protection from water ingress, MELTRIC recommends handles with threaded NPT connections (PH or H type) sized to mate with a standard cord grip (with or without mesh). When installed properly the PH handle with cord grip offers a durable, watertight seal.
  • Male Plugs Caps: When a plug is left in a disconnected condition the male contacts are exposed. To prevent water ingress, two types of caps are available. When fully inserted over the male inlet the Protective Cap provides excellent protection. If a lockable cap is preferred the Padlockable Plug Cap will provide rated watertightness as well as enable plug lockout.
  • Finger Drawplates: Finger drawplates are recommended
    for easier connector closure on cord to cord assemblies.